20 years ago, i.e. on 16 December 2001, at the 25th session of UNESCO in Helsinki, Finland, the Villa Tugendhat, managed by the Brno City Museum, was entered on the World Heritage List. We would like to remember this important anniversary by a few presents.

"I would like the icon of modern architecture, which Villa Tugendhat undoubtedly is, to be more accessible to the public, who cannot plan their visit to Brno several months in advance. The villa has its capacity limits, but we have decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List by organising special tours on 26 and 31 December. Tickets go on sale today on the new website of Villa Tugendhat," said the director of the Brno City Museum, Zbyněk Šolc.

From 16 December a new version the website of Villa Tugendhat will be launched. The original website of the villa was created in 2009 and therefore was in dire need of a complete overhaul. The staff at Villa Tugendhat have been working on this update, funded by the Czech Republic's World Heritage Sites 2021 grant programme, for the past few years.

You can find out more information in the press release HERE.