This year’s 4th annual programme of music is dedicated to South American rhythms, especially to Tango Argentino. The programme will be presented in the main living room of Villa Tugendhat, featuring the following compositions performed by the Brno Contemporary Orchestra, under the baton of Pavel Šnajdr:


Louis Andriessen – Zilver

The piece is the second from a set of chamber works which the composer dedicated to the physical essence of material and builds on his previous piece, Hout (Wood) from 1994. This work Zilver (Silver) is derived from the use of flute and vibraphone, whose motive opens and closes the piece.


Tom Johnson – Tango

A piece by the American composer Tom Johnson will be played in its piano version. As one of the main representatives of musical minimalism, he undoubtedly shows the influence of this style of music in the piano version of the Tango piece from 1984. Equally evident is the author's interest in fundamental mathematical structures, which is mainly evident from the characteristic tango rhythm.


Mauricio Kagel – Tango Alemán and Die Stücke der Windrose: Südwesten

The final two pieces of the programme come from the pen of the Argentinian composer with German roots, Mauricio Kagel. The author's origin is reflected in the title of the first piece, Tango Alemán (German Tango). The characteristic tango rhythm is accompanied by singing, which according to the author's intention does not have a specified text.

The final composition, Südwesten (Southwest), is part of a cycle Die Stücke der Windrose (Pieces of a Wind Rose). This cycle is based on a different perception of the names of the cardinal points in different areas of the planet Earth. The part Südwesten (Southwest) maps the journey from western Mexico to New Zealand and tries to imitate the sounds and rhythms typical for this geographic area.



June 21, 2015 at 19.30 

September 21, 2015 at 19.30 

November 23, 2015 at 19.30 

April 11, 2016 at 19.30 Tickets will be sold from March 8.

May 23, 2016 at 19.30 Tickets will be sold from April 19.



Tickets can be booked by e-mail at or by telephone at +420 515 511 015/017. 


Premiere: 350, - CZK, Reprises: 300, - CZK

Capacity is limited to 50 persons.

Stiletto heels are not permitted in the interior.


You can download a poster here.