„The story of the torso from Villa Tugendhat and Wilhelm Lehmbruck“

The second lecture prepared by the Study and Documentation Centre in Villa Tugendhat after the summer holidays will be held in Villa Tugendhat and will again focus on the Torso of a Walking Woman.

It is included in the accompanying programme for the exhibition „Wilhelm Lehmbruck (1881–1919) Retrospective". The exhibition runs from 11 September to 10 November 2013 in Brno House of Arts and Dagmar Černoušková (Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre) and Jana Vránová (House of Arts)will present the only work of art in the Tugendhat Villa. It was the sculpture that stood in the main living area of the villa in front of the onyx wall. The architect drafted its presence in the interior already in his design and the owners of the villa selected the Torso of a Walking Woman by German expressionist sculptor Wilhelm Lehmbruck in agreement with him. Like Villa Tugendhat itself, this statue had a turbulent history which has only been uncovered in part so far. The lecture will focus not only on this piece by Lehmbruck, which remained in Brno for more than seven decades, but also on the personality and further creations of Wilhelm Lehmbruck.

A prologue to the lecture will feature a performance of the ballet soloists from the National Theatre in Brno, delivered directly in the mail living area of the villa; the lecture will take place in the technical basement as usual.

The lecture will be held on Monday 21 October 2013 at 5 p.m. in Villa Tugendhat (a tour of the villa is not included in the lecture).

Entry fee: CZK 100,-; students and pensioners CZK 50,-.

A poster for the lecture can be downloaded here.

A fragment from the ballet “La Bayadere” by Ludwig Minkus, choreographed by Jaroslav Slavický, was performed by Eriko Wakizono and Jan Fousek (holder of two Thalie Awards and several DIVA awards).