Jiří David, Jiří Kovanda, Roman Ondak
Villa Tugendhat, Brno
1 – 8 May 2017

curator: Martin Dostál


An exhibition project in an entirely unusual place, brings together three renowned middle-aged artists. Two of them come from Bohemia – Jiří David (born 1956) and Jiří Kovanda (born 1953), the third is Roman Ondak (born 1966) from Slovakia. The curator of the project is Martin Dostál.

All three artists are hosted during the first week of May with their works on the premises of the modernist Villa Tugendhat designed by architect Mies van der Rohe. Their works enter into a dialogue with the individual living and utility rooms of this unique building, in a multi-layered relationship process with this house. Creative interactions between the artist and the space take place both on an aesthetic level as well as through memories of the place or in a general overlap with history and the history of art. The title of the project, Tugendhat 1, refers to the venue where the show / event will take place, but also to the fact that no art exhibition has yet been exhibited in this villa, very precisely designed in relation to artworks. This is the first artistic entry / action into the structure of this building from the moment it was built and occupied by its builders. With some exaggeration, it can be said that after the events that reflect the complex history and social transformations from the beginning of the 1930s to the present and which are closely connected with the villa, this house is once again "inhabited".

The exhibition will include a catalogue that will capture not only the exhibition itself, but also the process in which artists have been becoming familiar with the environment and trying to enter into a dialogue with this extraordinary architectural space.



The exhibition is only accessible during a tour of the Tugendhat Villa, prior reservation is necessary.
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You can download a poster here.