Monday 1 November 2021 at 19.30.

A singing recital performed by the leading Czech baritone Filip Bandžak and pianist Anton Aslamas will resound in the unique Villa Tugendhat living room. Visitors can look forward to a programme consisting of songs by Antonín Dvořák, Petr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka, Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov, Anton Aslamas, Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler and Hugo Wolf. Attendance is only possible with face masks.



A. Dvořák – Biblical Songs 

A. Dvořák – When My Old Mother

P.I. Tchaikovsky – No Words, Oh My Love... 

P.I. Tchaikovsky – No, Only He Who Knew

M.I. Glinka – Travel Song 

---  Intermission  ---

S. Rachmaninov – In the Silence of the Secret Night 

A. Aslamas – Moscow Morning 

G. Mahler – Songs of a Wayfarer

H. Wolf – Michelangelo's Songs

F. Schubert – The Forest King


The project was supported by the State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic.







Filip Bandžak – more information at here.

Anton Aslamas

He was born in Cheboksary (Russia) in 1988. He comes from a musical family. From 2003 to 2009 he studied piano at the Brno Conservatory under the guidance of his mother prof. Inna Aslamasova, and also studied at the Brno Conservatory as a composer for four years under prof. Radomír Ištvan. From 2007 to 2013 he studied composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague under prof. Ivan Kurz. In 2009–2010 he studied at the Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber in Dresden. 

He has won numerous prizes in competitions as a pianist, composer and flutist in chamber ensembles and as a soloist.  His compositions have been performed live by the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic, the Pilsen Philharmonic and Czech Radio Vltava. He has collaborated with violin virtuoso Milan Paľa, for whom he composed a piece for the newly invented Milanolo type of string instrument, and with the TIKARI Flutes ensemble from Prague, for whom he composed the piece "Homage to the Old Masters" on the occasion of the concert of the winners of the Concerto Bohemia radio competition at Žofín, Prague.

He has gained extensive experience as an accompanist both during his collaboration with his brother Alexey, a violinist, and during his collaboration with the prominent Czech baritone Filip Bandžak, who has also repeatedly performed his compositions in concerts.  His skills also include notography (transcribing music on the computer) and arranging pieces for various instrumentations. He regularly collaborates with the Prague publishing house Portál in the publication of children's song collections. 

In 2019 he attended the Summer Music Academy in Kroměříž in the field of accompaniment under the guidance of the chief accompanist of the National Theatre in Prague Zdeněk Klauda and the leading Czech soprano Kateřina Kněžíková. He is currently an accompanist at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College of Music in Prague in the musical department and at the Adolf Voborský Music School in Modřany, Prague.



500 CZK / person
Capacity is limited, advance ticket purchase required.
Tickets can be purchased online from 22 September 2021 at
A tour of the villa interior is not included in the programme.
Attendance is limited by the current anti-epidemiological measures, which are available HERE.



Tel.: +420 515 511 015 / 017


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