An exhibition on the Tugendhat Villa, presenting the history of the villa from its inception to the present will be open in in the gallery of the Czech Embassy in Luxembourg.

The opening on Tuesday, 15 March at 17:30, will begin by a foreword by Ambassador Petr Kubernát and a lecture by Lenka Chládková titled, "Many Lives of the Villa Tugendhat". The opening will also include a screening of two educational films about the villa:

The Fate of Tugendhat, ČR, 52 min, 2012
A documentary by director Rudolf Chudoba captures not only the story of the famous Brno family, but also shows the history of the famous villa and its monument restoration.

Vila Tugendhat – Monument Restoration 2010–2012, ČR, 34 min, 2014
Unique footage and interviews offer viewers an insight into the process of monument restoration, which took place at Villa Tugendhat in 2010–2012.


The exhibition can be visited until 31 March 2016 based on an appointment agreed with the embassy.


You can download an invitation here.