The association Obecní dům Brno published the first of the so-called White Order Editions which was focused on the architect Otto Eisler. Single monographs have also been dedicated to the following figures: Jan Víšek, Václav Dvořák, Vilém and Alois Kuba, Lubomír and Čestmír Šlapeta, Josef Polášek, Ernst Wiesner, Jindřich Kumpošt, Elly and Oskar Oehler and Bedřich Rozehnal. Separate publications have also been dedicated to Brno architects of the 1901 - 1910 generation and Brno Jewish architects.

The publishing of the monographs is usually accompanied by an exhibition in the Moravian gallery in Brno. Brno City Museum cooperates with Obecní dům Brno on these exhibition and publication projects.