Do you have skillful children or restless architect at home? Or do you just miss Villa Tugendhat as much as we do? Try to make Villa Tugendhat paper model.

Paper model can be downloaded here.
Instruction manual can be downloaded here.



1) Print out the attached villa model from the file and prepare the following utensils:
printed paper model
cutting knife
underlay mat for cuttingu


2) Place the paper on a flat surface. If you have a cutting mat, place the paper on it.
Then place the ruler on the paper, align it with one of the vertical solid lines, and press firmly.
Place the blade close to the ruler and cut the line. Proceed the same way with all other vertical solid lines.  


3) Now you will need sharp scissors (children’s ones won't work).
Carefully run them along all the dashed and dotted lines. You will have better bends.  

TIP: Instead of scissors, you can use an old empty pen, a blunt needle or a toothpick.


4) Once you have finished all the cuts and grooves, you can create a 3D model.
Bend the paper over along the dashed lines and bend together along the dotted ones.
Be careful, the folding requires a lot of patience!  


5) That's it! Your work here is done! Perfect!

TIP: You can also colour your model or backlight it. 


The word Kirigami means “ to cut paper”.
"kiru" = to cut
"kami" = paper