#MIESONLINE offers you an opportunity to enjoy the villa from the comfort of your home, whether through virtual reality or countless photographs on our website. Today, however, we present new, unique shots that will bring the changing atmosphere of Villa Tugendhat to your home!

In these December days, we commemorate the 90-year-anniversary since the completion of the construction and approval of Villa Tugendhat, designed by world-famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The exhibition plan, special commented tours and some more events organized by the Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre are consistently focused only on the topics related to the Tugendhat family home and its architect this year.

The curatorial team of the villa, together with cameraman and director Jiří Zykmund, have prepared a unique video documentary capturing the current appearance of the main space in the house and its architectural essence. That free-flowing unbounded space passing through the glass walls and sliding windows into the garden. The mood of the living room thus changes as the weather or time of day or night, when the effect of endless mirroring in the glass walls, the glazed furniture and also chrome-plated columns of the steel construction is especially poignant. Originally a family home, currently an installed monument of modern architecture comes to life with the voices of guides and visitors.



Director, D.O.P., editor: Jiří Zykmund
Producer: David Židlický / Atelier Zidlicky
Sound mic: Vladimír Chrastil
Image postproduction: Jan Turek
Ronin operator: Daniel Bielčík
Runner, drone: Petr Mrkvička
© Villa Tugendhat 2020
Music: www.bensound.com