Entrance terrace (3rd floor), laying of large-size terrazzo pavements, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýInstallation of travertine steps on the garden terrace staircase, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýView of the house from the garden, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýView of the house from the garden, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýVisit of Brno City Mayor, Roman Onderka, 2011, photograph: Marie SchmerkováBrno City Mayor, Roman Onderka, lights the historic Strebel boiler, 2011, photograph: Marie SchmerkováGoverness room (3rd floor), detail of the wooden doorframe, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýLady‘s room (3rd floor), installation of authentic restored wardrobes, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýGoverness room (3rd floor), installation of a window awning, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýTechnical floor (1st floor), cleaning and restoring of the ventilation system, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýFormer maids´ room (2nd floor), the present Study and documentation centre, linoleum laying, 2011, photograph: David ŽidlickýThe so-called bedroom floor (3rd floor), round ceiling fitting, 2011, photograph: David Židlický

Entrance terrace (3rd floor), laying of large-size terrazzo pavements, 2011, photograph: David Židlický


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Travertine steps are being installed on the garden terrace stairs. At the same time, the restorers are cleaning the travertine element surfaces inside and outside the house and add missing parts in damaged elements. On the upper terrace, (3rd floor), the restorers are finalising the laying of large-size terrazzo pavement. New concrete pavement has been laid on the terrace at the housekeeper’s flat (3rd floor), the personnel terrace and the so-called „tunnel“ (2nd floor). Terrazzo screed has been finalised and polished on the staircase leading to the personnel wing. Restorers have laid stoneware pavements in the parents’ and children’s bathrooms (3rd floor) and a WC behind the projection room (2nd floor). 

Vegetation planting has been finalised in the garden including the lawn grass turf laying. The path network with gravel surface and the garden staircase made of quarry stone are ready. On Friday, 11th November 2011 at 11.00 a.m., Mayor of the City of Brno, Roman Onderka, took over the renovated garden which was reinstated to the condition it was in after the completion of the construction in 1930. 

On Wednesday, 16th November 2011, Mayor of the City of Brno, Roman Onderka himself lighted the historic Strebel boiler. After the completion of heating elements, hot air heat exchangers and heaters along the glazed wall in the main living room and the conservatory (2nd floor), the heating system in the whole house could be started up.

Wooden door frames have been restored on all floors. The original elements of built-in wardrobes in the master’s and mistress‘rooms (3rd floor) have been brought in from the restoration workshops . The external wooden roller blinds on the 3rd floor have been fitted. Installation of wooden plinths at the floors has been completed on the 3rd floor and this work continues on the 2nd floor.

The restorers have completed the cleaning of exterior column cleaning. They are finalising final coating of the pergola steel structure and semicircular bench on the upper terrace (3rd floor). The final coat has also been applied on the garage gate (3rd floor). Sliding mechanisms are started up in the window engine room on the technical floor (1st floor). Steel staircase with a railing has been installed in the boiler room (1st floor). Internal surfaces of the original ventilation pipes are being cleaned on the technical floor (1st floor).

Grey natural linoleum has been laid in the personnel rooms on the 2nd floor (former cook’s and maid‘s rooms) manufactured according to the original formulation of Deutsche Linoleum Werke (DLW) in Germany. In the guard‘s room (former cook’s room) the electric system- weak current- has been completed. Metal parts of ceiling light fixtures have been fitted on the 3rd floor. The last of the four bathtubs has been fitted and bricked in the housekeeper‘s flat (3rd floor). The restorers are applying the final coating of the retaining wall under the street fencing.