Villa Tugendhat in Brno by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is now famous as one of world architecture’s outstanding 20th century villas. But at the same time, the Tugendhat Villa is synonymous today with a great number of iconic elements, details and materials. In particular, some items of metal furniture designed specifically for the Brno villa became design symbols for the 20th century. Other interior and technical components are also inseparably linked with this building. Their modern nature and timeless design remain an inspiration for generations to come.

Selected elements in a set of postcards (photos by David Židlický) are accompanied by short descriptions with an introductory text in Czech, English and German.

The set of postcards was published by the Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund in cooperation with the Brno City Museum.


Pernesová, Jitka (ed.). Iconic Details. Villa Tugendhat, Brno 2012