2012, photograph: David Židlický

2012, photograph: David Židlický

Villa Tugendhat is once again close to the original

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Dagmar Černoušková, Alena Štěpánková, Marek Navrátil, Villa Tugendhat is once again close to the original, BRNO BUSINESS & STYLE, roč. 20, č. 1, 2012, s. 4-7, 86; www.iBrno.cz

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In 2010–2012 villa Tugendhat underwent its second renovation (the first renovation was carried out in 1981–1985). The project was prepared by the collective work of three architectural studios: Omnia projekt, Archteam and RAW. The main objectives were an accurate survey of the building, architectural – historical and restoration surveys. The project had the ambition to restore the building to its original condition from the years 1930–1938. Based on the careful analysis of the original blue prints and photos and the findings of the completed surveys, the rate of preservation of the original substance was established and it was considerable. The basis of the villa restoration was the complete restoration of the building, as sensitive and accurate renewal of all original surfaces and elements as possible. In correspondance with this, the manner of replenishment of the missing house contents such as furnishings, built-in and other furniture was set. The restoration of the monument, apart from the structural work, concerned also the underground utilities, the technical equipment and the garden.