The garden of Villa Tugendhat is more than just the building’s distinctive natural framework – it is literally one with it, joined with the house through interior and exterior architectural elements to form a single unique complex that is a UNESCO heritage site.
The site’s genius loci, with its beautiful views of the historical skyline of the city of Brno, inspired Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to create a unique architectural composition. The entire house, including the main living space, has been designed with an eye towards various different views of the city’s major landmarks. By contrast, the garden is a quite intimate space where the main role is played by nature. An important contributor to the garden’s design was the Brno-based landscape architect Markéta Müllerová. This book presents the first design concepts for the garden, its changes over the course of the 20th century, and its renovation in the years 2010–2012, all of it accompanied by historical color photographs.

Iveta Černá, Lucie Valdhansová (edd.), VILLA TUGENDHAT. ZAHRADA / THE GARDEN, Brno 2017

The book was published by Brno City Museum in two languages (Czech, English).


The book is available for purchase at Villa Tugendhat and at Brno City Museum inside Špilberk Castle. It may also be ordered online

Price: 690 CZK + packing and shipping costs