Visitor regulations

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The visitor rules valid from 1 January 2020 can be downloaded here.


Brno City Museum



I. Introductory Provisions

Villa Tugendhat, National Cultural Monument and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is administered by the Brno City Museum, allowance organization, established by the City of Brno. It is organizationally incorporated as a Separate Department, Villa Tugendhat NCM. The head of this department has been titled "Director of Villa Tugendhat". He / she is supervised directly by the Director of the Museum. The Director of Villa Tugendhat supervises the professional activity of the Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre, visitor operation in the building and its management.

II. Opening hours

Vila Tugendhat is open to visitors all year round, including public holidays, with the exception of closing times or hours announced in advance. Opening hours are defined as follows:

  1. November – February
    Daily except Monday from 9 am to 5 pm. Tours start at 9.00; 10.00; 11.00; 12.00; 13.00; 14.00; 15.00 and 16.00. The main cash desk is open until 4.30 pm. Villa Tugendhat closes at 17.15. 
  2. March – October
    Daily except Mondays from 10.00 to 18.00. Tours start at 10.00; 11.00; 12.00; 13.00; 14.00; 15.00; 16.00 and 17.00. The main box office is open until 5.30 pm, Villa Tugendhat closes at 18.15.
  3. Opening days and hours may be adjusted according to operating conditions. Information on exceptional opening or closing of the building is always published at least one week in advance on the website. The only exception to this Regulation concerns unexpected force majeure (weather conditions, power failure, etc.)

III. Sightseeing tours and admission prices

  1. I. BASIC TOUR (residential rooms of the villa, garden)
    3rd floor – the so-called bedroom floor (upper terrace, entrance hall, parents' section, children's section)
    2nd floor – main living space, preparation room, kitchen, garden
    Duration: ca. 60 minutes
    Full price: 350 CZK
    Concessions: 200 CZK
    Family ticket (2 adults and 1-2 children up to 15 years) 800 CZK

    II. EXTENDED TOUR (residential rooms of the villa, technical facilities, garden) 
    Extension of the Basic Tour including the technical facilities of the villa (air-conditioning engine room; boiler room; retractable windows engine room; laundry; darkroom; moth chamber) 
    Duration: 90 minutes
    Full price: 400 CZK
    Concessions: 250 CZK
    Family ticket (2 adults and 1-2 children up to 15 years) 950 CZK

    III. GARDEN TOUR (a tour of the garden is included in the Basic and Extended tours) 
    On opening days and in suitable weather conditions it is possible to buy a one-off ticket to the garden and visitor centre with an exhibition, for 50 CZK. Ticket validity is limited by Villa Tugendhat opening hours on the day the ticket was issued.

  2. Admission to the accessible parts of the building is subject to an advance payment. The admission fee is determined by a valid price assessment issued by the Brno City Museum. The assessment is available at the cash desk. The admission fee can be paid:
    a) in Czech currency or by credit card at the cash desk when paying for a group of 16 or more persons.
    b) via online sale, in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Brno City Museum published in the internet application.
    c) through an invoice which must be issued at least 14 working days before the date of the tour. Payment must be credited to the Museum account at least 1 working day before the date of the tour. Failure to meet the due date will result in automatic cancellation of the reservation.
  3. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor undertakes to respect the Visitor Rules and follow the instructions of the employees of the site or other employees of the Brno City Museum.
  4. The validity of the ticket is forfeited if the visitor does not arrive in time to start the tour. Purchased tickets cannot be returned. 
  5. Visitors are obliged to present the ticket upon arriving for the sightseeing tour, keep it for the entire duration of the tour and re-submit it upon request.
  6. Entitlement to admission concessions applies to:
    – pupils and students (up to 26 years of age, having presented a valid student card with their photo)
    – lecturers and teachers (valid ITIC is required)
    – senior citizens over 65 years and holders of ZTP and ZTP/P cards
    – Family admission: 2 adults and 1-2 children under 15 years
    – children from 2 to 6 years: single admission 20 CZK 
  7. Free admission is granted to: ICOM, the Association of Museums and Galleries of the Czech Republic and the Society of Art History card holders, accompanying persons of the ZTP card holders, children under 2 years of age, holders of the DOCOMOMO card.

IV. Tour of the building

  1. The guided tours of the interior take place exclusively with a Villa Tugendhat guide. The guided tour is included in the entrance fee. For capacity and safety reasons, a tour group may contain a maximum of 16 persons; an exception may be granted in justified cases only by the director of Villa Tugendhat or the director of the Brno City Museum.
  2. Children under 15 years of age are permitted to enter the building only if they are accompanied by adults who are responsible for the compliance of their behaviour with the requirements of the visitor rules.
  3. Visitors are permitted to access only the areas intended for the public. Entering areas closed  to the public is forbidden and the Brno City Museum is not liable for any damage caused by violation of this prohibition. Areas that are not accessible to the public are marked. 
  4. Prior to starting a guided tour, visitors are acquainted with the principles of safe movement in the building and in the adjacent garden and are obliged to follow them, observe the information on the safety marking, the risk of falling, tripping, bumping (i.e. slanted or narrow passageways, unevenness on the floor, glass surfaces, etc.).
  5. It is forbidden to touch electrical wiring boxes, signalling devices and fire extinguishers for safety reasons.
  6. Upon authorization of the director of the Brno City Museum or the director of the Villa Tugendhat, a special tour may be organized in exceptional cases for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16 persons. If the tour is organized during working hours, the entrance fee is increased by a special surcharge of 100% of the entrance fee. If the tour takes place outside of business hours, the extra tour fee is 200%. Exceptions to the surcharge may be granted only by the director of the Brno City Museum or by the director of Villa Tugendhat. Payment options follow the same principles as a regular tour.

V. Other use of the premises

Any other use of the premises of the building is carried out solely with the permission of the Director of the Brno City Museum or the Director of Villa Tugendhat and based on a prior contract, which includes the Operating Rules for Renting the premises of Villa Tugendhat. Any request of this nature must be submitted in writing sufficiently in advance.

VI. Protection of cultural heritage and security of collections 

  1. Visitors are obliged to behave with dignity during the whole period of their stay, in accordance with the historical and cultural significance of Villa Tugendhat, with the utmost consideration toward the material property of this cultural monument and of other visitors.
  2. Visitors are obliged to obey the instructions of the employees of the site or other employees of the Brno City Museum. In case of disobeying an instruction or order issued in the interest of visitor safety, protection of the facility, its fitting and equipment, or in the case of disturbing other visitors in the group, the visitor will be expelled from the premises without compensation. In addition, the visitor runs the risk of being sanctioned according to generally binding regulations.
  3. Persons reasonably suspected of intoxication or ingestion of other narcotic substances, and persons in heavily soiled, inadequate or inappropriate clothing, or persons with strongly antisocial behaviour shall not be allowed access to the premises.
  4. It is forbidden to damage or endanger the building, its fittings and equipment, the garden or any other property within the premises. It is particularly prohibited to:
    a) touch the walls and surfaces, exhibited objects, to write or paint on the walls and panels, engrave into them or otherwise damage them in any way;
    b) sit in the seating furniture;
    c) tamper with the controls of windows, blinds, fittings and other technical equipment of the building;  
    d) leave the defined route, move away from the guide and the group or disturb them or the guide’s speech with noise (talk, music, singing, use of mobile phones and transistor receivers, loud speeches, etc.) or make it difficult for other visitors to see; 
    e) handle open fire anywhere on the premises;
    f) smoke, eat, drink and chew chewing gum anywhere on the premises, enter with ice cream, drinks, etc.;
    g) pick flowers, break branches of trees and shrubs;
    h) throw away litter;
    i) enter the interior in stiletto heel shoes, with luggage and umbrellas;
    j) enter the premises of the building with live animals, drive vehicles and bring bicycles and strollers into the interior; wheelchair access to the interior is permitted. 
    Failure to comply with these prohibitions may result in an expulsion from the premises without compensation for admission.
  5. At the moment of discovery of damage or loss of equipment or fittings of the building during a tour, all visitors who are in the premises at that time are obliged to comply with all security measures (or even a personal search carried out by members of the Police of the Czech Republic).

VII. Photography and filming

  1. Photography and filming (including mobile phones) for private purposes is permitted without using a tripod and other accessories (light, source) after paying a fee of 300 CZK per person. The use of photographs for commercial, educational, cultural, scientific, promotional purposes etc. is not considered private use.
  2. Photography and filming for non-private purposes is possible only upon prior written request and with the consent of the director of the Brno City Museum.
  3. The use of any photograph or film material without permission shall be dealt with by legal means.
  4. Journalists who take photos for professional purposes may only take them after receiving a valid accreditation. Information on accreditation is available on the Villa Tugendhat website in the Media section.
  5. The Brno City Museum warns visitors that Villa Tugendhat and the objects contained therein are copyrighted works under the copyright law for which the term of copyright has not yet expired. These items are protected by law and, subject to the exceptions and limitations stipulated by the Copyright Act, may not be used without permission (license) granted by authors or their heirs through a contract.

VIII. Final Provisions 

  1. Visitors may submit their wishes, complaints, comments or praise by writing in the Guest Book, which is available from the director of Villa Tugendhat, or they may contact the Brno City Museum in writing.
  2. The liability of the Brno City Museum for any damage incurred to visitors is governed by generally binding regulations.
  3. The Brno City Museum is not liable for accidents and damage resulting from the breach of the Visitor Rules.
  4. Compensation for damage caused to the equipment and fitting of the building or other property of the Brno City Museum shall be recovered from the person who caused the damage. 
  5. In justified cases, only the director of the Brno City Museum may grant an exemption from the Visitor Rules.

These Visitor Rules enter into force on 1 January 2020.

We would like to thank all visitors of Villa Tugendhat for their consistent respect and adherence to the Visitor Rules.

Brno, 1 September 2019


PhDr. Pavel Ciprian
Brno City Museum