The Tugendhat Villa Endowment Fund

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Who We Are 

The Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund was established in March 2006 and its activities follow up those of the Villa Tugendhat Foundation, dissolved for formal reasons. Both organisations, launched for the support of the renovation and promotion of this unique piece of modern architecture, were founded by the Brno House of Arts and several representatives of the Brno business community. 

The Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund board of trustees is presided over by Dr. Ing. Pavel Liška, former Director of the Brno House of Arts and former Rector of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, who was the founder of the Villa Tugendhat Foundation. Members of the Board of Trustees include Prof. PaedDr. Radek Horáček, Ph. D., also former Director of the Brno House of Arts, and Ing. Bronislav Hýbl, MBA, financial and economic expert. The Director of the Endowment Fund is Mrs Jitka Pernesová, deputy director of the Brno House of Arts. 

Purpose of the Endowment Fund

The mission of the Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund is to support the renovation and conservation renewal of the house, and also to support its independent cultural and promotional activities. The Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund has always aimed to bring together all specialist forces for the benefit of the building itself and its further development. 

Owing to the ongoing need to search for new financial resources, the Endowment Fund also focuses on the support of other activities connected with the promotion of Villa Tugendhat on both the local and international levels. 

As the financial position of publicly funded cultural organisations is not good in the long term, the Brno City Museum as administrator of Villa Tugendhat is not able to cover within its budget necessary activities concerning in particular the promotion of the house. An independent institution such as the Endowment Fund can, moreover, develop initiatives, which for various reasons are not accessible to the administrator and current owner of this historic building. 

Activities of the Endowment Fund 

Since it was established the Endowment Fund has organised specialist seminars and round tables, activating the interest of international experts and the public; it has held exhibitions, issued smaller publications and gathered a lot of international literature for the planned architectural centre in the Villa. The Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund has also supported the making of photocopies, voice recordings and translations of foreign literature for the Villa Tugendhat Study and Documentation Centre. As part of the joint “Villa Tugendhat Documentation Collection Project” it has contributed with organisation skills and money to develop a new website for the Villa Tugendhat. All the Endowment Fund activities are closely related to and coordinated with the work of the Brno City Museum as the Villa’s administrator, and of the Brno House of Arts, one of the Endowment Fund founders. 

Dozens of domestic and international companies, financial institutions and individuals, are being approached with the aim to obtain funds for financing the work of the Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund.

The Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund shares in the printing of these materials, in cooperation with the Brno City Museum, the City of Brno, the Southern Moravia Region and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. All photography and design materials are prepared by the Židlický Studio.

Sponsorship Offer

If you ask passers-by in Brno what they think is the city’s greatest contribution to the outside world, they will probably be embarrassed and offer dozens of different answers. But if you say Tugendhat anywhere in the world – they will simply answer: Brno. In all reality it would be hard to find in this city a building that would have a better, as they say nowadays, “benchmark” than the Villa on Černopolní Street, one that is guaranteed for the future and with an ever-increasing value. In spite of that, its existence is far from easy, and that is why the Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund launches calls for sponsorship to both companies and individuals. 

If you wish to provide financial support for the most prestigious piece of modern architecture in this country, if you are interested in modern architecture and design and if you have lacked information about modern architecture in the city of Brno so far, donate to the Endowment Fund. We will be pleased to acknowledge your support by the following: 

  • By sending your contribution to the bank account of the Fund you will join the community of those supporting promotion of the Villa both locally and internationally. 
  • Your company’s logo or your name will appear in the latest editions of printed materials published by the Endowment Fund. 
  • You will get free copies of all these materials in all language versions and in agreed numbers. 
  • Your company’s logo will be displayed on the Tugendhat Villa website ( 

We offer you a unique opportunity to support with your sponsorship the promotion and the restoration of a monument listed on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. Please use this opportunity and join those who contribute to preserving this architectural gem for future generations. Be one of us for whom the Villa has become a love of our lives, linked to a desire to do something for it. Come into this world, one that is worthy of your attention! 

Contact Information: 

 Villa Tugendhat Endowment Fund
Veselá 39, CZ-602 00 Brno

 Postal address:
Malinovského nám. 2, 602 00 Brno
Tel. +420 736 485 360

Registration No.: 276 80 304

Banking information: Unicredit Bank
Account No.: 2102512399/2700
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